Faith Clinic

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Faith Clinic is annual Christian event organised by the New Creation Gospel Movement, popularly know as NCGM. On their website this is what they say about the event:

Faith. A seemingly simple five-lettered word, yet it forms the very fibre of EVERYTHING, seen and unseen. But just like health, faith can take a knock and can be bettered. That is why we have health tips, occasional check-ups and sometimes treatment. Where better to obtain these tips, check-ups and treatment all at once than at a clinic? Enter, FAITH CLINIC. Faith Clinic is an annual youth “check-up” that brings together thousands of teenagers from all walks of life with diverse faith deficiencies and infirmities to be super saturated with doses of the number one faith remedy, The Word, from our master Physician and Surgeon, The Holy Spirit. Participants are equipped with the can-do mentality of a winner, along with the exploration and expansion of their individual leadership potentials, putting them on course for an extremely successful present and future in Christ.